January 26, 2011

4 minutes before death.

The title of this post is a plug to Ghost Trick, a Nintendo DS game that recently came out. I can't stress enough how great and enjoyable this game is. From the makers of Ace Attorney games. Great story, great characters, great music, and super stylish (especially the white coat guy.)

A WIP for my Pink Panther walk cycle (Digital Tools). I loooove exaggerated perspective, but since this is a pan anyway, it'll look normal once it's cropped and stuff. Only the pole bars and handles are done so far... I can't wait to paint all those individuals, hahaha...;;

I'm stressing myself on putting more time into composition and layouts this semester. I'm pleased with the results so far. This is the first of two tonal drawings for 'Opposites' gouache assignment. I'm sort of scared of touching the gouache paint though... I'm still not used to it.

Character design for the latest assignment. Zippers and belt buckles aren't really important to me, I just want to concentrate on the personality and poses.

Various sketches. I've got so much printing paper laying around so I want to use them all before I draw on sketchbooks again.

Life drawings... They're really static. They're a bit more readable now that I draw with fewer strokes, but the vitality is almost gone. I need to rethink my drawing process.

Storyboard assignment, due week 8. I consider Iron Giant one of my most favorite movies, I was happy to receive an assignment that lets us study the story beats more closely. I'm gonna learn a ton~.
These ones are a bit too clean and big, I'll redraw them sometime.

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