February 26, 2011

And now for something totally unrelated.


(c) Ghost Trick

I've got a lot of things to take care of during reading week...
The good news is that I can sleep for 6-8 hours every day instead of 2-4 hours.
The bad news is that I was planning on going to Toronto or somewhere for a relaxing trip (museum, zoo, music store...), but I don't know if I'll have the time... Drats. Maybe on Sunday? I need to finish all of my assignments before then, though.

I went to watch the Toy Story marathon yesterday. It gave me an UNBELIEVABLE craving for cheesies. I had to go buy some.

I'm still working on the Hydra, siiigh. I've got until Tuesday, but who knows. I really want more time on this. I can't wait to start on the Animal Walk animation assignment though~!

I'm starting to realize how to use the conte stick properly, so now I can use it in my sketchbooks. I think I want to continue practicing with it. In the meantime, I'll let my pencils and pens rest until the summer rolls in.

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