February 12, 2011

Remi Gaillard.

Most people must have seen Remi Gaillard's videos on youtube at some point or another, but if not, then please let me enlighten you.

He's the balls-iest french guy ever.
That and he's good at soccer. Unrealistically good at soccer. In 2002 he posed as a soccer player for the Lorient team during the finals, and everyone fell for it?! Even the coach of the team didn't give a second thought.

In other news, no new art submission this weekend.
Lots of big projects need to be done before Reading Week.
I'm also applying for Gobelin's summer character animation workshop. I know I've got a slim chance but there's no application fee, and they do it every year, so what the hey. I might as well give it a shot!

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