March 29, 2011

Ahhh, oh my gosh!!

I'm so happy!! A dear friend of mine just called me to say that she's been accepted into Animation next year! Now I'm waiting for another best friend of mine's confirmation. D: I really hope she gets in, too... They both worked hard for it. Their art are unbelievably goooooood.

 My sketchbooks've been terribly neglected recently, a hah hah...
Maybe they're all planning on hitch hiking to a more responsible and productive artist...

EDIT; ahh, this post seemed a bit bare by itself, so I'll go ahead and add some life drawings.
I'm ashamed to say that I lack practice because I need to keep up with other classes. I really, really, really need to go to extra life more often BEFORE THE YEAR ENDS, OH GOD ****ING DANGIT NGGHHHH.
There's only a few weeks left of school.

It's just plain scary how fast time flies.
I'll be more prepared next year, I hope to God.

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