May 29, 2011

I like giraffes.

Now that a whole month of summer vacation is gone, and after playing nothing but video games for 8 hours straight on a daily basis, I'm finally convinced to start a safe and risk-free lifestyle again: drawing.

More Life Drawing and animation stuff coming soon!

I really like Milt Kahl's works lately. It makes me glee like a niny.
Youtube attack!!


  1. video games should fear you, dayummm that's intense! and aaahhh what a great collection of Milt animations. There's just so much charm in his pencil tests and ovbiously talent too! Update with your drawings soon! :D

    oh oh and I might bump into you in the halls next year because I totally got a call saying I got in! Eeee!

  2. OWLUUUU!! THAT'S AWESOMEEE!!! Congrats, man, that's terrific news! I'm real happy that you got accepted ;__;

    Hahaha... prepare to meet my shy self. OTL

  3. :D :D :D I may seem pretty boisterous online but when I first meet people I'm awkwardly shy, but I do hope to meet you! I can swoon over your awesomeness. Speaking of which your gobelins thing in july has me so excited for you. Ahhhhh, such an accomplishment!