July 19, 2011

Sketch time

Sketches~. The first ones were done at Museum d'Orsay, the rest are doodles / brainstorming thumbnails done on animation paper while doing animation exercises.

The last 2 pages were done by wickedly awesome Disney french animator, Stephane Sainte-Foi. I managed to meet him one-on-one and for 20 minutes he explained the importance of numerous things in animation such as positive/negative space, profile view, how squash / stretch is done with anatomical characters (Disney's Tarzan), and how he approaches his animations. He's so passionate about animation, ahhh~~...
And then I asked him on what movies he worked on. He showed me his demo reel with his USB. Every 20 seconds I was like "EEEE I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT YOU ANIMATED THIS PART OF THE MOVIE" *EXCITEDLY DANCES IN PLACE*

I was freaking blown away when he acknowledged my novice sketches, cripes... I need to work harder, God dangit! Auuuuuuughhh!!!!

You can see one of Stephane's Tarzan animations in this youtube clip. He's the guy sitting in the middle at around 8-9 seconds of the film. O_O


  1. ummm okay don't mind me swooning over all of these from over here!! Seriously you are a beast (in a great way)! Also I meant to reply back to the other entry, but it is I who is excited to look at your sketchbook hehe!! Can't wait! :D

    I want to make a proper comment but there are just so many things to look at and they're all so good! The first walk cycle picture is just sooo soooo FANTASTIC (what did you use to draw that with?)! Also I lol'd at your comments on the cat beside the cat skeleton, I do that all the time too!

  2. Same goes to you, Owlu. Same goes to you, you freaking beast. :(
    We should totally draw in each others' sketchbook! LOL

    Ahh thanks man! <3 I used the good ol' pencil for the walk cycle, my camera makes it look like it was ink pen or something...
    Hahaha! It's really hard for me to ignore the opportunity to downgrade my own drawings if they look so effed up. :'D

  3. Ahahah I can totally picture how that would go. I'd end up feeling nervous and start to draw only to make something super hideous, I would try to salvage it but it would be impossible. Leaving you an eternal reminder of my awkwardness. SO, I'm totally down!! >:D

    Yeah, I was a bit confused because it looked like ink to me but the lines on the head were lighter than the rest of it. It's a neat effect!

    I hear ya! I've had to resort to that, usually I just put stickers over all my abominations since I work almost all the time straight with pen, but I've run out of stickers! It's anguish!

  4. !!!!! STAR SHOCK!?!!?!?!?! wow! your stuff improved INSANELY! keep it up! im so inspired to sketch now!

  5. Pfff, no worries Owlu. Anything drawn from you would be really epic. But in the worst case scenario, there's always the eraser at hand. ;D
    Whoa whoa wait, what!! Stickers?? What kind of stickers? :0 *super curious*

    LOL ANGELAAAA!!!!! What the heck man, I should be saying that to you, you crazy... drawing machine thing! Seriously!!! D8
    ... I still can't wait for Cavestory, ahahaha~ *kicked*

  6. They're nothing interesting, just plain white stickers that my parents take from the hospital for me (they're the stickers they put on prescription bottles) but they're so fun to draw on! Here's a page with a bunch of ripped up stickers. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-R_HB0gq2XLE/TZspwbY25kI/AAAAAAAAAPM/QJk5Sj809qA/s1600/img001.jpg My crazy way of editing things.