October 18, 2011

Spongebob loves to sleep all day.

--- and so do I.

... but Spongebob keeps hogging my bed, so I'm not allowed to sleep during the day anymore. :I

He's pretty darn happy about it, too.

STORYBOARD. This is dedicated to my dad. Happy belated birthday~. <3
All dialogue was pre-chosen, so we had to make up a story along those lines.

My current One Piece stash (and a mix of Chrono Trigger). My super awesome friend Alex gave me a SUPER AWESOME GREEN ONE PIECE TOTE BAG but it's not in this picture... It's Spongebob's job to protect it with its dear life, because it is too dang awesome.

I've always had an odd habit of bandaging my pencils if they break in half. Bandages are twice as resistant as scotch tape, they are soft on the grip and they are kinda cute.

Life drawingssss. More than half of these are without reference.
God dangit I really need to rework on the fundamentals and structure.

I'm always been too lazy to flip the pad of paper horizontal when the model lays down, so I just draw the pose perpendicularly. Half of the time, it turns out quite successful.


  1. So I like how we have the exact same Spongebob plushie. XD I got mine around when I was 10. :D He's staring at my from my bed as I type...

    I really like your storyboard - it's quite funnyyy :D

  2. Hahaha!! Man, my brother gave his Spongebob away but I thought that he was insane for doing that. This thing is too priceless. <3

    Aw, thanks man! D: