November 25, 2011

Curtsy fart.


These last 2-3 months weren't very pleasant.

But I gotta stay positive. It could have always been worse. :(
On the bright side, more updates! Soon!! I need to catch up to the lost time!

Done with watercolor and China marker. I've recently discovered how handy small watercolor pallette kits are, along with a nifty water brush pen. I don't need to carry a bunch of color pencils or wax crayons in Ziplock plastic bags anymore!!
It's soooo handy for the outdoors, and a valiant excuse to color almost everything I sketch!


  1. I havn't seen you in a while ;( hope things will get better and do stay positive! I totally understand you, the stress the pain =___=

  2. Angelaaaahhh!! I haven't seen you in a while either. The last time was in the cafeteria, wasn't it?? ahaha.
    (I still regret buying that Harvey's meal. The flabby meat tasted something nasty.)

    I hope we can meet up sometime and regress on our experiences this semester~. D:

  3. LOLL @ harveys.. yeh definitely!! do you still go to extra life a lot? ( i dont...) but i think i'll be going some of the days next week ;p hopefully i'll see you there

  4. I've stopped going to xtra life for a month or so, sigh. OTL I'll start going again though, as long as I'm able to draw beside your easel. ;D
    Portfolio due date is approaching pretty darn fast...!

  5. the portfolio that worth what, 30% of our mark? yes it is i guess, i havnt thought about it much, but i don't have any good drawings and havnt study any muscles.....

  6. Yeah, me neither. I know the feeling. :/
    I've found a good muscle book to show you next time to make the muscle test a bit easier and stress-free; it's called Strength Anatomy Training by Frederick Delavier. 15$ at amazon. It's stupendously good for the muscle test, it is way better and comprehensible than the handouts given in class.

    The book is basically a weight-lifting guide but every single picture is illustrated and each bone structure and muscle is highlighted within every kind of weight lifting exercise from the legs, torso, arms, back, neck... It explains how individual muscle functions, and it shows some pretty good instances where groups of muscles can work together, and explains things like pronation and suppination, etc.

  7. is that......mark thurman? (the ones with red watercolour) XD