November 02, 2010

My name is Nichcole!

Hey guys!! Happy late Halloween! I watched the High School of the Dead series all day to commemorate it instead of trick-o-treating.
Happy 35th anniversary to my parents, which was also on Halloween!
I've commented on each picture submissions, they're just extra tidbits. Feel free to skim them!!!
This was the character I used for my Layout class' assignment.

I met Todd White (character designer of Spongebob) when he was presenting here at Sheridan and managed to be brave enough to ask a question to him! Heck yes!! Winona and I managed to get a picture taken and an autograph!

I received two of them because I screwed up on spelling my name to him, I'm so sorry Todd!... Nichcole sounds like a cool name though!
I baked some chicken pies the other day. I remembered helping my mom bake good pies when I was younger, so I didn't have too much trouble preparing the dough and assembling everything.

I also did some Chocolate chunk muffins but the underside burnt really bad... The oven at Residence might be broken or something. :(
Next, I'll be making some pizza from scratch during the weekend.
Layout class assignment. I really, really want to improve on my backgrounds this semester.
"Ah geez, the bank's closed!"
"Ah geez, mandatory freak shot!"
"Ah geez!!!"
Sketchbook extracts! These are from September 2010 and onwards. I really love Hogarth's hand rendering.
An obese jogger and an alien.
A hyper kindergartner.
Glen ****ing Keane. Enough said. I really want to own that Tangled artbook when it comes out...
More hand studies, never enough!!
And feet! I love feet and hands!
My sketchbook pages often look like this... Just an endless amount of quick experiments, of variety and of studies.
I don't write to memorize, but I write to clarify.
Characters again. I'm probably doing an octopus for the Marine Life Animation assignment. Pencil tests coming soon!
Many, many, many gestures in the sketchbook.

How I feel during Digital class.

These are sketchbook extracts from January-May 2009.
These are drawn much more clearly and precise compared to now, but they lacked inner structure. It's a good thing to keep old sketchbooks to reminisce and learn from the goods and the bads!

I drew fanart a lot.

I also drew Link a lot. (still do!)
My most favorite. I must have drawn this in a good day.
Part of the Gouache class Cloud assignment!!

Still a work in progress... It's due tomorrow along with Character class action poses, which I haven't started yet. Yikes.


  1. (heeey this is Nezma over on DA, while creeping some Sheridan artists I came upon your blog and recognized your style immediately!)

    You're seriously amaaaazing, and the animation course sounds awesome!

    "These are drawn much more clearly and precise compared to now, but they lacked inner structure." That is EXACTLY how I perceive my art. Sure, my paintings "look pretty" I suppose, but when you really get down to the basic building blocks of what makes art beautiful and engaging, its really weak. Reeeally weak. My art is just very "shallow". That just won't do :(

    I'll be applying to the Art fundamentals program for sept 2011 in the next couple of days! I'M SCARED SHITLESS AT THE THOUGHT OF MOVING AWAY but I'll just have to get over that I suppose.

    Enough about me! How are yoooou?? I know you're probably busy with your classes and such, and I'm always annoying you with questions, buuut I feel the need to express my interest in what you're doing, etc.

    And don't feel bad if you don't remember me from a million years ago : D

    Oh, and you're amaaaaazingggggg

  2. heey, love the sketches, and your art i ngeneral! ( looks like you're learning from saskia gutenkunst ) and tots on Glen keane being the best thing that ever happened. Nice one on getting Todd's signature btw!

    On another note I've been meaning to meet you in person but so far I've had no luck : <

  3. (I'm just going to reply here seeing as, well, I don't really know where else I should :D)

    Haha, I started this blog very recently actually! I thought it would be a good way to document my progress (and to force myself to draw on PAPER more often, not always on photoshop!)

    Wooooow. Confidence boost or what! I'm not planning on kicking anyones butt when I go to Sheridan though, but I am working extreeeemely hard to improve the most I can before I get there. At first I thought of maybe applying for the animation program right away.... but I feel that I really need some art training before that. I want to go back to the basics!

    I knooooow, sometimes I wish I could just fast-forward and be awesome already, but there wouldn't be any fun in that now would there?? Its the journey, not the destination that matters! Besides, no matter how good you get, you can ALWAYS get better. NO EXCEPTIONS. Even someone like Glen Keane could improv- ok so maybe he's the only exception. (THAT GUY IS JUST DKFJBEIRVENLR) Back in art class in high school I thought drawing a cube, a sphere, a vase, realism in general was absolutely pointless and stupid and I was too good to waste my time on such trivial things (PPPPFFFFFFF)

    I want to learn the basics all over again, I think that's what I really need. Which brings us back to why I'm really looking forward to the art fundamentals program. I like the sound of "fundamentals"

    I'm hoping to see you there next year too! The only things that could stop me now are if I fail a class at college (DAMN CHEMISTRYYYY) or money issues. I'm reeeeeally hoping I wont have to stick around for another year and do nothing but work....

    I think that doing personal art is very important, but school work should always come first. Us "sensitive artists" need to expreeeeess ourselves, feel our emotions through paintings, o-or something...? Inspiration is a curious thing, it always pops up at the most inconvenient of times..... like, the week before a test. (BEEN THERE)

    Naaah you sillyyyy with your modestyyy


  4. Okay, I am getting this picture to you if it's the last thing I dooo!

    Because all of my email attempts have failed, and we haven't caught each other on msn, I just did the whole uploading it to a pic site thing. Finally, here! :D