November 07, 2010

Flint = Chuck Norris

For some reason, I just found this to be incredibly funny, especially how the scene played out with the cowboy guy (Flint) having a showdown with the train.
Sigh, I really love this game. Why it's not sold outside Japan borders is beyond me.


These are my best 30 seconds. Ever. I'm slowly getting better at Life Drawing, yippee!

I'm starting to concentrate on angles a lot, but I want them to be more subtle, less exaggerated...

This assignment was tricky to me... When it comes to painting dimensions, I concentrate too much on the details. Now I look at this and I can't figure out what I was trying to say to the viewers with this painting, haha! The first one's tuned-up digitally, the second one is the raw camera picture.

 Sketchbook time

 Haha, I really like One Piece recently. Luffy can be a cheeky and fun character to draw
 Worktable. $30 foldable Staples table, all the way!
 I'm sorry if this sight makes you cringe, dad...!

 I really love to cook and bake lately. Huh, go figure.
 Endless amount of used and unused Life Drawing paper rolls.
This is as big as my collection will go, until I graduate or something. : (


  1. we should do a trade!

    im a boa hancock fan so you know ; >

  2. Aaaawesome life drawings as always, your lines are sooo smooth and free and just beautiful ;u;
    And that is some delicious looking food. I'm a terrible cook (although I work at a pizza delight... hmmm)