December 02, 2010

Eh, what's up doc?

I wasn't able to finish the entire sequence (I still had keyframes left over...), but heck! It's done! It looks done! I need to concentrate on my other assignments, anyway.
I've learned a lot from doing this animation; tracing Bugs Bunny over one hundred times seemed troublesome at first, but I gained a bit more confidence in my linework. I think I had more fun animating the dangly arms around and playing with the timing.
I'm excited that Michel will show this to the fourth years somehow?! What the hell! I'm so happy!

 I started painting with thick layers. NOT a good idea.
It was around here that I learned to stop painting in thick splotches and paint washes instead.
 I had a tough time with this master copy painting (I'm not particularly patient when it comes to details), but I'm happy that I've learned a lot from it!
 Is it strange that I framed the critique sheet Mark gave us for the first Life Drawing portfolio? I kept losing track of what I needed to improve on, so this sheet helps tremendously... I love how he was honest and practically check-marked everything that needs to be improved, hahaha! It'll take me a while to improve all these, though...

For the next gouache assignment, we need to paint a still life full of metallic objects. This is a metal cookie cutter painted in around 30 minutes in class.


  1. haha I saw that bugs bunny during was wicked!! XD

    woot painting looks pretty O.O
    yeah starting with thick paints is not a good idea...

    at least your cookie cutter looks better than mine D:

  2. Lol everyone joked about the foot cutter :| We were all wondering who the hell wants to eat a severed foot cookie...