March 09, 2011

Go Fish.

Character Design assignment. I gotta do 4 more age groups of the same character (baby, old dude, etc). This one's the teenager/young adult version.
 I think I'm proud of this one because I concentrated on the gesture/S&C curves first before laying down the details. It reads much better at a distance. Comments and critiques are super welcome~!

He uses a dagger/sword hybrid since anything heavier would slow him down and waste his stamina during a fight. He's got no shield either, stating that "My only shield in battle is my will to live. It is impenetrable."
I think he's some sort of mix between gladiator and samurai.

 Random WIP of a picture request for mah best fweeend! I hope I can manage to color this throughout homework...


  1. like ur gladiator/samurai cat!

  2. LOL Thanks Angela!!
    It's a squirrel though... but I've edited it so that it looks less like a cat (hopefully)

  3. LOL i thought it changed, dont worry its a squirrel now

  4. LOL daww! That's alright, man! XD
    Yay for Squirrel-lyness! I can't wait to see your character! :0

  5. im so bad at character design =A=...

  6. Pfff.
    I gotta admit though, it's hard to be motivated for Enzo's class. Next year'll be better I hear. D: Hang in there, man!