March 12, 2011

Socks with Sandals.

Yay, bone drawing!! This was for the Bone Test. We had 30mins to complete the written part, and then 2.5hrs to draw 3 skeletons in front, side and back view. I managed to get a picture of it yesterday before I gave it to Mr. Thurman for the years to come. I need to thank him for helping me learn anatomy 100x more efficiently, he is an incredible teacher.


  1. You drew all three of those in 2.5 hours?! Way to blow my mind!I love all the stuff you've been posting lately, including the squirrel, his costume is so great and the colours too!

  2. Thanks Jade!

    And thanks a lot, Owlu! Were you able to complete your portfolio in time? : D I love the stuff that you've posted for it on your blog, I hope you get in!

  3. Haha yes I was able to get it done in time...although I procrastinated which might come back to haunt me! All I can do is wait for the results (which is driving me crazy, seriously so many animation dreams lately)!