April 04, 2011

It's April already?!

A request for an awesome classmate and a little something made for fun during Xtra Life session. I wanna name him Surfing Kenny.

I'll see you guys in 2 or 3 weeks, hopefully...
After every single assignment is done...
And then a massive update shall happen!!



  1. Little did you know my favourite drawings ever consist of werewolves with gigantic crushy arms. I can't get over how awesome this is! ; - ;

  2. Owlu!! Thanks man! I have a soft spot for big-armed characters, also~. XD

    Have you heard from Sheridan yet? *crosses fingers*

  3. They're great fun to draw and they also look totally rad!

    hah errr I did, I got 2.99 and the cut off is 3.0, but it's my own fault for trying to do the whole portfolio basically two days before it's due. Access sheridan still says under consideration, I'm assuming I'm on a waitlist, so my fingers are still crossed!

    I'm happy that you update your blog so often, your stuff always inspires me! :)

  4. Ack, what the hell...! Off by a mere 0.01? That's way too darn close.
    If you are indeed in the waitlist, I'm betting that you're on the top of the list at the very least because of your score. I do hope you get in, it'd be a real shame if not... D:

    Aw, thanks! That means a lot!

  5. I tend to be known for my bad luck, but at least it gives me lots of things to look back on and laugh!

    Waitlist kids find out on the 15th, 9 more days will seem to take forever I'm sure. Ahhh shucks thanks! :3

    No problem man!