April 07, 2011


Neato! Turns out that the last weeks of school won't be too bad after all. Just a couple of all-nighters here and there is needed (like tonight). I gotta make sure to spend most of my free time on assignments, too.
So now I can spam update this blog a bit more often.

A rough comparison of what my animation roughs and clean ups look like. These were done for the Character Design In Sequence assignment due weeeeeks ago. The teacher allowed me to animate this bad boy instead of the Flour Sack for the last Animation assignment. I literally pounced for it. Great opportunity.

I'll only be able to animate a small portion of it since I have other stuff to worry about before school ends...


  1. wow..amazing... is this an assignment what im not aware of??? hope not ;p

  2. wait a minute....this must be secret extra animation hiding among your folders XD

  3. LOL you guys, ahhh ;;
    This was the Character Design In Sequence assignment. I just didn't have the time to scan it in before the deadline so it wasn't shown during the screening in the J102 lecture class. OTL

    S'nothing super special awesome about it.

  4. ...instead of flour sack?
    You are...insane LOL! xD
    but I look forward to it, because it will look insanely good in the end anyway <3

  5. Nneka!! Thanks man! I sure hope so. XD

  6. u r so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I laughed out loud while looking at these in my school library! The chair toppling over while he's already so embarrassed hahaha it just got me!

  8. No, Angela. You are. D:

    Yo Owlu!! Haha, thanks man! I'm glad you've enjoyed that.
    You're able to go to your school library on Sundays? :0

  9. Well it's not technically a library ocad calls it 'the learning zone' but I thought it would be weird if I told you I was laughing in the learning zone hahaha.