April 21, 2011

EndOfTheYear Blues

School is done for the summer. Nooooooooooooooooooooo

I've learned a heck ton this year from my teachers and my classmates. This summer will be very lonely, studying by myself.
I'm planning on doing one or two collaborated webcomic projects and lots of animating and painting... and a TON TON TON of photo studies, cafe sketches and sketchbook drawings because I feel that I need to practice my shorthand, volumes and lighting for animation purposes.
... Also am attempting to study 3D modeling and animation by myself, which will be interesting. I hope the Maya program will be merciful.

I can't animate on paper over the summer, so I'll use Flash instead (which is a pretty good alternative, see below). I really need to start practicing timing and acting. Done in less than 8 hours.

First year Class C, 2010-2011!! You guys were very awesome!

lol! I thought I was positioned closer to the group mass. Darn my horrible sense of depth.

Expect a lot of art updates throughout the summer!


  1. dude your life drawings are awesome! i love the etching! x

  2. LOL TO YOUR TROLL FACE pffffffffttttt hahahahahahahahahahah XDXDXDXD

  3. Yo Lauren! Thanks a lot!!

    LOL Carmen XDDD I've shown it to my parents and their reaction was "Oh, nice outfit Nicole--whoa whoa WAIT WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR FACE"

  4. nice one there XD

    yeah I will try upload my blog daily if can :/
    lol we should do something like daily challenge thing to motivate us and post more =P

  5. Ahh, good luck with that, man! D:
    I think I'll just keep uploading stuff on a weekly basis. I've made a system/schedule for this summer so hopefully I can follow that until school starts up again XD

  6. AWESOME! at least don't procrastinate just like me =.=

    yeah I need to plan stuff to do as well
    other than working D:
    I do intend to draw more stuff too :/

    (plus I don't wanna be rusty when school starts)...

  7. I already miss your wonderful input.

  8. Aww, Matt. :(
    Just keep submitting stuff to your blog during Summer! I'll be sure to comment on 'em!