April 15, 2011

Moving Day....

Aw mannn. Gotta move my stuff out of Residence tomorrow.
One side of me is relieved that summer break is coming, and yet the other side of me wants to stay here and draw like a weirdo.

At least Roo is ready for Moving day. He's reading up on the essentials of outdoors camping. On a random note, sleeping in a sleeping bag above a bed mattress is surprisingly comfortable.

I'll miss this view. I hope I get a similar spot next year. I don't care if I'm situated at the far end of the hall again as long as I get this view every morning and evening.

A 'gift' card to Chris, a super awesome family friend who'll be helping me with my move this weekend. I vaguely remember his kids watching SpongeBob the last time I visit his house. It was really hard to resist.
Looks like Patrick's ready for his move, too. (made by gouache paint on watercolor paper)

Yes, I love Spongebob.

This... This was posted everywhere on campus today. I found it epic enough to take a picture of one of 'em.

Life Drawing portfolio. I'm on the verge of an epiphany, I really need to attain solid structure in my drawings but I feel like I'm really close to realizing how to do it. I've gotten a better grade on this one compared to all of my other portfolios this year. Thurman kept one of the drawings. I've also had terrific news today(!!), but I'll explain that later once I've calmed down about it.

And HOLY SMOKES THANK YOU BRO for telling me how to play PS2 games on my computer. <3
I own these games on game discs but I never bothered to buy myself a PS2 to play 'em. Strange.
My summer will be very fun indeed.



    hope your moving out things goes well with ya =D
    and keep drawing! XD



    And thanks mannn! I hope you keep drawing throughout the summer, too! Hopefully the summer job won't bog you down too much. D:

    LOL once you get your gaming laptop, then yes. I will show you. ;D

    I will draw whenever I'm free.. D:

    lol did you use ps2 emulator or some sort? XD

  4. CONGRATSSS NICOLE <3 I'm really happy that it's you out of the other competitors. you really deserve it, because I know you put 130% dedication all the time! And yes like Carmen said, keep drawing~ I will ask for a print trade from you each year, I guarantee it!

    And thank you for trying to help me yesterday ;__; <3 Apollo finally figured it out *well after Hoon and Roman tried to fix it lol*

    You're so nice ;__; I hope to talk to you more next year, or at least somehow be in the same class together because you are truly inspiring yo me, no doubt! If not, expect me to hover over you in the studio loools

  5. Yeah Carmen, it's played on an emulator. XD I can give ya the emulator files from my USB on Monday if ya like!! But I can't give you the ISO of Persona 3, it's too huge... ;__; (4GB+)

    THANKS NNEKAAAA <3 That means a heck of a lot!! And man, I'm still working on your Dilandau. I'm hoping to have it done by Monday, I swear to God. ;;
    Duuude, next year we'll all be bunched up in one room. Of course we'll talk to each other! XD I do hope that you're gonna be in the same class though, as well as many from Class C. You guys're awesome people. ;__;

  6. Haha no worries if you can't! I'm trying my best to finish it for monday too ;o; so hopefully you like it!

    Lol trueeee, but still, it's that kind of family feel you get when you spend so much time in a class together! I'm going to miss that most about class C because we ARE awesome lol :3