August 24, 2011

Ohhhh, uhhhhh!!

Do you guys want to know what I do during my free time?

I'm being quite serious. I do this ritual every morning without fail.

Anyway, school is starting again quite soon! I have a gajillion goals to fulfill this year, I can't wait to get started. I'm really excited to seeing everyone again and my old/new professors.
Other than that, no new news...

... no news except that One Piece is being all kinds of awesome, as always.
The latest chapter is jam packed with the Kraken, Mansopp, and transforming pervert robots. So freaking hilarious. I'm really happy for Oda's redesign of Chopper, too.

Luffy's nose is extra sensitive to meat in close proximity.

EDIT: Got myself some One Piece memo pads today. Yay!
I tend to use dollar store note pads for daily reminders, but this year I'll make the exception...

16 memo pads in all, 4 paper pads attached inside each mini binder. Sweet!!


  1. YES onepiece lol i'm rereading it from begining lollll

  2. LOL! Gosh man, I didn't know you were a One Piece fan!!
    I've reread it so many times so far... *__*

  3. Wait...I don't get it, you just swoosh your tea/coffee around with the spoon?

    You have a gajillion goals as well? I need to start writing all of mine down on some kind of official list instead of all over my sketchbook.

    One Piece has been on my 'to read' list for awhile, but I just never get around to it. You have inspired me to start after I get back from work. :O

  4. Don't you see the inner workings of swooshing tea/coffee with a spoon, Owlu? D: Lookit all the cool light effects and shapes that the ripples make! It's terribly mesmerizing!!


    You share the exact problem that I have... I write down everything in my sketchbook too, even on the front/back covers, but somehow I tend to forget all about those notes. Maybe writing everything down on a marker board or something gigantic that's easily editable would do the trick?

    Yeah man, just set yourself 2-3 hours of free time to start reading One Piece. I swear you'll get hooked, the author has put so much heart and hard work on this thing, it's a joy to read all in one go.

  5. One piece is seriousley interesting- I've seen some of the movies too. but I didnt want to commit to a series thats already 10+ years in the making.
    Good luck in second year! i just checked it out today- you have a really nice studio to look forward to. bring snacks.

  6. Haha! I know what you mean, Chris. One Piece is probably going to be running for another 10 years or so. I don't mind it though, I'm always happy for the updates.
    Eyy, thanks man!! Same goes to you! I heard that the third year studio will have a sweet makeover. I hope that you'll have a lot of fun making the collaboration film!