August 28, 2011

Gestures ahoy!

30sec - 2 minute gestures. I've also started using gouache in my sketchbooks, it's so fun and colorful and happy~.


  1. AHHhhhh, you have now inspired me to only draw more action-ey poses at work today. I've gotten into this motionless drawing of characters habit.

    These are great! I specifically enjoy the person leaning on a counter? and your paintings colours and shadows are great!

    Aha continuing from my last comment. I thought the motion and like feeling of the spoon swooshing through the tea was what would be most enjoyable part but now that you brought up the ripples I rewatched and actually see what you mean!

    As for writing everything in our sketchbooks. If I have really important things I want to work on I usually write it down on sticky notes and put them on the wall infront of my desk so I can't ignore them.

    ANDDDDD I read the first chapter (?) of One Piece and I can totally see what you mean by saying there's so much heart into it. It was sincerely charming!! After orientation tomorrow (ah) I'm planning to read more! :3

  2. Yes!!! It helps a lot when you think of the pose kinesthetically before you put it on paper. Like, if you're sitting down and drawing a guy doing the hoola hoop, your muscles at the hips and legs and shoulders should act up, as if you're doing the hoola hoop too and yet you're still sitting in place. It's similar to the 'first impression' thing.

    AH HAH! Excellent, you should read more when you get the chance! And try not to spoil yourself! LOL

  3. ;_; I haven't practiced painting at aaaall. If Maureen knew that, she'd be so piiiiissed xD

  4. Aww, well! There's always the upcoming school year to catch up again, right? :D *poke nudge*

  5. Yeaaaaaahhhh..... =_= I am so screwed.

  6. LOL gestures are fun I started doodling one-two pages of my new sketchbook and then........that's it LOL (so lazy)

    anyway can't wait for school to start woot! XD

  7. Don't worry, Neilizza!! Don't worry! D:
    'tsnot like Maureen will stalk you during the second year... But then again... *looks behind*

    LOL Carmen, what the fudge! You should be drawing anything and everything in your scketchbook! An animator is considered to be handicapped if they aren't able to draw everything with good precision, including perspective! D8
    I can't wait for school either~. I always love the first few days, they give me the jitters!

  8. I'll try =.=
    I just need more inspiration :X

  9. Your drawings are very fun and exciting. I love your loose drawing style.I love all the various figures.

  10. Thanks a lot, Shelley!!
    I love your acrylic paintings a lot! They're bigger than life!