September 23, 2011

Wave + Tutoring + Book Sale

No matter what happens,
I will always.


I'm starting to get tired of school... I just want to go out there and animate 40-60 hrs per week...

Other than that...
I'm having problems with the Career Centre when it comes to tutoring Life Drawing.
They won't allow second years to tutor Life Drawing. They only allow 3rd and 4th years. I guess that's understandable, but they should have freaking SAID SO to my FACE when I went there weeks ago to apply and even when I went to complete their tutor test. :I They didn't need to beat around the bush.
I informed some teachers about it and some couldn't believe why that rule exists, so maybe something'll change... Or else I'll have to find another way of getting small income during the year.

And here's a huge list of books I want to sell. If any of them interest you (or if you're willing to bargain), feel free to email me at !! I really need to get rid of these.
(shipping not included)
Books that are crossed out are sold.

Disney's Art of Animation  $20
Hogarth's Dynamic Wrinkles  $10
Hot to Draw Manga Costume Encyclopedia Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 + Vol. 3  $50
Disney's Art of Bolt  $10
Disney's Art of Tangled  $20 (missing cover spread)
Watercolor Artists Bible  $5
Harry Potter Deluxe Coloring Book  $3
Queen of Arts  $20
Udon's Apple Vol . 1 + Vol. 2  $35
Facial Expressions Vol. 1 + Vol. 2  $20
Complete Photo Guide to Sewing  $10
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain  $10
Becky Koenig's Color Workbook  $30 (partially highlighted)
The Complete Guide to Acrylic Painting  $5
Marshall's 500 Insects  $10
The Calligrapher's Bible  $10
Gems of the World  $10
The Well Crafted Argument + Pocket Guide to APA Style + Checkmate: A Writing Reference  $50
World of Warcraft: Art of Trading Card Games  $15
Louise Gordon's How to Draw the Human Figure + Louise Gordon's How to Draw the Human Head  $30
Gray's Anatomy  $5 (text heavy, a couple of good illustrations)
Master Shots  $10
Betty Edward's COLOR  $10
Snowflakes  $5
Drawing from Observation  $20
David Attenborough's Life in the Undergrowth + Life in Cold Blood + Life of Birds  $45
Various Japanese Coursebooks (Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced) $40


  1. WHY wouldn't you want the art of Tangled book?! It's awesome. D: And my God I want to see that wave in action, it looks amazing! I really wish I loved animating as much as you. :\ Sometimes (or a lot of the times) I wonder whether or not this is truly where I ought to be...but I reckon that going through this year will help me answer that! I just feel as though I lack the passion that so many in our program seem to have. >.<

  2. It IS an awesome book, but it's not like I'm selling unwanted books. D: I need to clear space, so even great referal books are being given off...

    Thanks man!!
    Yeah, I feel the same way. Important decisions will be made this year by most 2nd yr students... For me it's highly likely that I'll stick to animation, layout/perspective and color theory as my forte, everything else is on the backside burner. >_o

  3. Owlu - it won&#39;t let me comment with my google acount weirdlySeptember 23, 2011

    My gosh it's beautiful!! It makes me so happy that you share your notes and work on here, it's honestly such a great resource and inspiration. I wish I had your passion for animating, because even right now animating a bowling ball seems light years too difficult for me. Keep up with the updates! Also I threw you an email (threw it, that's right) about one of the books! :)

  4. Thanks, bro! I'm so glad to hear that~
    Bowling ball animation isn't the most inspiring thing to work on. :(...

  5. It's making me cry seriously. Your wave is just...amazing ;_____; mine is like a 6 yr old did it LOL. Darn i missed nabbing that tangled book ;__; Imma buy a few books from you, check your inbox soon!

  6. Aww thanks Nneka! <3
    Yeah, that Tangled book is pretty dang popular...! D:

  7. Haha yeah ;___;
    It sucks about the tutoring though! I know quite a few second years were applying also. That system is messed up, clearly they could have told you straight up before letting you go through all of that =/

    sent the email btw :D

  8. OMG BOOKS! you could advertise around sheridan and post posters (with permission of course)

    yeah lame man...I figured/observed that usually 3rd/4th year students are the ones who tutor life drawing...but they never tell you? *flipstable* (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

    have fun animating your wave ~~~~
    can't wait to see the awesome results =P

  9. Nneka; Yeah... I've been told by their reception desk that they get too many tutoring requests for life drawing for them to handle and yet they think that 2nd yr students can't lighten the load a little bit...? *shrug*

    Carmen; Yeah, I definitely will do that~. I just wanted to shorten the book list by posting it here first. XD
    LOL naw, I was kind of hoping to broaden my scopes by teaching life drawing somehow, but maybe it is too soon for me to do that. Or something.
    Thanks man! I will/am having fun. XD

  10. Harry Potter Deluxe Coloring Book ahahahahhahahaha

  11. wow thats stupid! I would absolutely pay you to tutor me in life drawing! (in first year)

  12. why the sad face. i love harry potter i would totally buy that color book if you still have it

  13. LOL I thought you were laughing at it, but yeah! I still have it if you want it. X'D

  14. YEH MAN. HARRYPOTTER FTW. i'll give u the 3 bucks next time i see you