September 22, 2011

Fellow Invader

I come back from school and peek outside of my window.
'low and behold!

I see this horsefly(?) as big as my thumb... tapdancing... on the roof of the Residence building

Ahahahahaha~ I don't know about you guys, but it had totally made my day.


  1. I had one of these fly into my house this summer and I started to scream, they are so sporadic in their movements, it took me forever to finally hit it with a shoe!!
    Oh oh also I went to the career centre today about tutoring, do you have an email I can shoot you a message to? Instead of clogging up your blog all the time with huge comments.

  2. Cripes man, they be scary as hell when they manage to come in the house. D:
    Ohhh, sure man! You can reach me anytime through my gmail email,
    I check daily, so I can respond rather quickly. :'D

  3. Oh and also, all summer I've been calling them giant mosquitos because I didn't know their name either. So I just googled it an apparentely they are called crane flies! How appropriate.

  4. hey cool, we called them mosquito hawks back in shannonville. they're good bugs; they eat mosquitoes!

  5. stop getting better. I cant keep up! Love your work. I see some Wakfu in there? AM I RIGHT?? I hope I am. Ever coming down to the states? I HAVENT MET YOU YET!

  6. Wow! Crane flies... Mosquito Hawks...
    These little critters have such badass names! I love them a lot! (But I would never want to touch one, ahaha)

    Annnngg!!!!! Wakfu is LITERALLY taking over my life! :'(
    I WANT TO GO TO THE STATES SO BADLY. I haven't been there for years! Where're your whereabouts, bro? I'll go and stalk you from a ceiling fan, haha!!