November 16, 2010

Winter Fair... of DOOM!

Winter Fair was so awesome!! I wish I could have gone there twice, I was really tired after 6 hours of constant drawing. I loved these animals, especially the cows and horses.
Shout out to big sis Nadine, hope you enjoyed your visit in Toronto!! It was so great seeing you during the weekend~!

Blueberry muffinsss.
The Residence's oven was smaller than predicted, so I had to improvise and literally tilt this thing at a 45 degree angle inside the oven.  Frankenstein pizza! (still tastes great)

Gouache painting of a cooking pot and a can lid.
Life drawings!

I'm trying to make a habit of having 1-2 poses per page drawn from life, while the rest is from imagination.

Tried to explore a bit on line quality today. It hinders me a lot from capturing the life of the model, though..
Winter Fair drawings!

Cows had to be my most favorite thing to draw. They're very strong yet delicate animals.

The horses were a great source of learning proportion. I still have a long way to go, but I'm happy with what I got out of it!

My S & C curve animations. The octopus was intensely fun, I didn't rely on the light table so I depended on my page flipping. I hope I can push myself harder next time in terms of creativity, though. : (

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  1. nice proportion indeed on the horses, but moreso on your cows I think. I really like your lifedrawing style, it has room for tons of personality. I can tell from the drawings that it was a decent time at the fair : >