November 20, 2010

New goals...

This entry is text-heavy...

So! I've started studying a lot of Bugs Bunny animation at the moment for my next assignment. I want to start learning preferable timing to animate both action and humor. I need to start using the stop watch I've bought at Walmart a few months ago before its batteries die of neglect...

Lately I've felt that I'm not utilizing my learning material properly; I draw studies just for the sake of studies, not for the sake of applying it to animation or to tell stories. This is especially when it comes to Life Drawing. Sure, knowing anatomy and bones is cool, but that's half the battle. I keep telling myself this, but it never sticks to my head! asdjaskjfab
I keep seeing artists and classmates drawing intriguing characters and environments and a bunch of crazy stuff!... while I draw some random body part or something. I feel like I'm missing the big picture.

And here are some funny clips of what I'm watching recently. I've forgotten just how DOWNRIGHT BLOODY AWESOME Jackie Chan Adventures was. It was literally like Ninja Turtles, I think. JCA has action, humor, magic, uncle's "one mooore thing!"and just... Yeah!
I'm still blown away on how much work these guys must have put out for this television series... Until the third season, anyway. Then it just started getting downright weird and unwatchable.

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