November 17, 2010

One Piece is very awesome.

One last post before I hit the hay for the day!
I had an awesome opportunity to meet Aaron last week, a second year Animation student who kicks butt. It turns out we both like One Piece (mannn, is it ever rare to see someone like that on campus.) so we agreed on doing an art trade! Hopefully the first and not the last, eh?
His end of the trade is amazing as hell.

 My end of the trade, the character Boa Hancock. She's really hard to nail down since the mangaka draws her figure with such dramatic angles, and yet she still appears delicate and an icon of 'beauty' in the series. It took me a few pages in my sketchbook until I felt comfortable drawing the final. I find that her proportions resembles the horse somewhat; long limbs, elongated neck, strong torso, beady eyes, etc.
I wanted to try coloring his part of the trade as soon as I saw it. I wish I had more free time to practice digital painting, I miss it so much.


  1. EPIC, I love the Hancock! Thanks alot Nicole : > I just got it this morning. I'll need to see you again to give you luffy! OH and show you my book too huh. Don't be a stranger, and hopefully we'll meet up sometime in the near future

  2. I remember when Aaron was colouring this in the studio! So you'reee the one he traded with!
    I saw your drawing posted up on his desk~ It's so pretty!