November 26, 2010

Youtube update

No new art... yet...
The last stretch is finally here and all my focus is going towards the final projects. I'll post some new sketchbook pages sometime during the weekend! I'm almost done my sketchbook!!

Funniest thing I've seen in a long while.

I've marathoned the Wakfu series this week. I never knew that a combination of manual in-betweening and Flash tweening could be used so well together! Since this is a TV series, time constraints are pretty rough, so I'm guessing that they used it to their advantage.

The characters in the series are fun and interesting enough to advance the story on their own. I really really liked the antagonist, his design and just the way he moves like clockwork (quite literally) is just insanely cool! The layouts and backgrounds are beautiful, too.The studio put immense effort into this project. I can only hope to be part of something as extraordinary like that in the future.

Wakfu in general is brilliant, I wish I had this show during my childhood. I definitely recommend it to anyone if they're looking to watch something fresh and exciting (and french!) I'm sooo excited that they've announced a second season!

This game has some of the most beautiful music tracks. It's worth a listen or two!

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  1. I'll have to check wakfu out, nice find Nicole : >