September 11, 2011

School's started again!

**Sheridan adds a Game development and Design program to their curriculum.
Developping games is my dream job, mannnnnnn! Don't feed on my obsession, silly Sheridan higher-up folks! I don't have the flippin' money!

No art update this time around... :(
I'm still in lazy summer mode, but I think I'm finally starting to be productive (starting tonight).
It's gonna be crunch week, every week! Huuzah!

My goal for the year: Fill as many sketchbooks as I possibly can. Hopefully around five 200pg sketchbooks, front to back, double sided pages. If I fill in enough sketchbook, would anyone be interested in buying them, I wonder...? *desperate for food money*

I'm also planning on tutoring Life Drawing for Art Fundamentals and 1st year Animation programs this year. They haven't processed my name quite yet, but I'll probably be able to start tutoring awesome people in a week or so. I seriously hope that I don't dissapoint, my teaching skills are kinda non existant. But I really like to help others with their problems and questions, so I guess it balances out? :(

Also, I'm going to sell or rid of at least half of my book collection. Most are art books and anatomy books, others are textbooks. I'll post the list and their pricing later this week! Price range is gonna be $5, $10, $15 and one or two bundles.

I've watched some 9/11 documentaries and retellings today on the History channel. The most depressing thing I've seen in a while, cripes.


  1. UMMMMMMM so this is my dream post all around. YES, I would TOTES be interested in buying your sketchbook. I'm going to be getting a job so it will be perfect I can save up for it!

    Also, I'm really excited to be a big ole sponge and learn to life draw better. It's honestly embarrassing that I've been at ocad for three years and still have no grasp of life drawing (although we hardly ever had any oppurtunity to actually life draw). So if the support staff is on strike, how do I go about paying for the tutoring and what not? Is it informal at first..? I'll ask around tomorrow if you're not sure.

    Depending on the books I might buy a couple. I have a serious art book addiction. There's a pile at the foot of my bed because I have no where to put them.

  2. get a hold of yourself man XD
    LOL another 2 and half years for us now =P

  3. save me a sketchbook, Ill buy it from ya ; >

    also heeey how was your summer you lucky now french girl!

  4. Owlu!! baww, thanks man! XD
    The tutoring process is still there, so you can register anytime. But the actual tutoring hours don't start until week 3. You only pay like $10 or $20 for ten hours, which is really good.
    LOL same, same. I totally want to have a private library when I get myself a house. Books are so awesome :'D

    I am, Carmen, I am trying...! ;__;
    Going to be the BEST 2.5 years ever. XD

    Pffff Aaron, cripes, same to you. 8( I still have your Luffy hung on top my work desk, haha~
    Last summer was terrific!! It was so great that I forgot almost everything about it LOL It was just so overwhelming! How was yours, dude?! I can't wait to see your work for the third year film...!!

  5. I want a sketchbook, reserve one for meee :D

    and I'm interested in some of your artbooks, particularly the anatomy ones~ I can't LD to save my life T___T You will be an amazing tutor, I wish I had you as one last year *if you were a year ahead that is lol*

  6. where aare youu? I keep lookin for you and your sketchbook sales but I can't seem to run into you haha. Spent the summer doing caricatures at wonderland. I'll tell you more in person though.

  7. Yo Nneka! Alright man! *ultimately flattered*
    There were some really good life drawing tutors last year too, though. Much better and experienced than me. XD I'll show you the book list so you can see which anatomy books I got...

    Aaron! I'm so sorry...! I'll try being at the 2nd yr studios more often, but is there a way for me to come bug you at the 3rd yr studios? ahaha!
    Holy hell! Where you hired at wonderland? That's so freaking awesome!! Incredible experiences right there!

  8. Haha alright xD I know but I was unaware of these services til end of the year LOL so it became pointless ;___;

    okay! whenever you get the chance 8D